Hello, welcome to Sprig Design Co. I’m so happy you’re here to follow me on this journey. I’m Nicole, the creator, artist and coffee lover behind Sprig.

Art plays a meaningful role in my life. It has shown me how I view the world and all that I appreciate in it, and that’s what led me here to create Sprig.

I believe art does this for all of us, even if we don’t quite notice. It shows us what we value and creates connection. It causes us to feel, react. The details we find interesting, colors that comfort us, form and texture connects us in a tactile way. Alongside thoughtful messages, art creates detailed and meaningful connections with the stories we create and share with our audiences, people in our lives and the spaces we dwell in.

My specialty is creating illustration and design that gives life to those stories, those pieces that live along side you in your home.

I buy you a cup of coffee – or whatever cozy drink you fancy.

I connect with you, talk about what’s important to you, we brainstorm together.

I get comfy in my studio, likely with more coffee in my favorite mug, and create illustrations that bring to life the story your creating and celebrate those things that are important to you.

I create, I make, I see little nerdy details that influence my work and make me continuously curious and wanting to dig in deeper. I love hard, feel deep and look forward to creating work that impacts communities and individuals alike.

Once again, I am so happy you are here to follow me on this journey. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to introduce you to who I am, how Sprig came to be, and more work! You can find all of this and more by following me here:

INSTAGRAM /  @sprigdesignco

BLOG /  www.sprigdesignco.com/