When I first knew I wanted to branch out on my own, make a career out of creating, I knew I wanted to come up with a name that was perfect for it.  My first name, middle name and last name were too common.

I started to think about what was important to me. The passions, decisions, people, events that had led me here, deciding to pursue work that is meaningful to me. For some reason planning my wedding popped into my head.

My husband and I got married in December making it tough to choose flowers and greens that were 1.) not insanely expensive and hard to curate during this time of year and 2.) wouldn’t wilt as soon as they touched the frigid winter air. I went through at least four rounds of picking them out. My dear family friend who was doing our floral arrangements kept asking me, “what about the flowers though?” I realized I what I was giving her was an endless list of greenery I loved, the fillers, the “sprigs” instead of looking at the head of flowers.

wedding wreath centerpiece

We ended up picking a gorgeous arrangement of magnolia leaves, seeded eucalyptus, and juniper berries. And I did end up FINALLY picking a flower, a peony rose.

Florals By: Marney Crandall
Photography by: Jes Hayes of Mad Chicken Studio

I enjoyed seeing the variations of greens come together to make a beautiful arrangements, giving texture, dimension, and depth to the entire picture. I realized this is how I see life. And that’s when I thought of it, SPRIG. It was perfect. It immediately sounded right, with so much power and feeling behind it. The perfect word to describe exactly the way I wanted to work. Finding and mining those details and layers to create a bigger picture, a story.

I’m constantly intrigued by flaws in brick walls of historical buildings, tiny window lock mechanisms in old Duluth homes, texture of brush strokes in pieces of art. All these details, small, seemingly forgotten and overlooked have always charmed me. Someone thought of them once, put them there on purpose, physically created them. Like the sprigs in a flower arrangement are commonly considered filler, without them, the arrangement would look boring, plain, flat. We need those finer things, the greenery to fill in our stories. In my world, this is the artwork, the visual graphics that bring stories to life, make them shine brighter.

You may not be fascinated by the same details I might be. But isn’t that pretty amazing? That’s what I love about creating hand done work in collaboration with someone. I’m able to talk with you about what you find important, interesting, beautiful, and bring those out in what I create. Arranging all the “sprigs” together to create your own unique arrangment. All of those personal views we have make up the stories we tell in our businesses, our homes, our relationships, and more.


Next week I will be starting to share some of my work in my portfolio! You can find this and more by following me here:

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